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10 Useful Google Chrome DevTools Tutorials

Also known as DevTools, Chrome Developer Tools is an essential component of any frontend developer’s toolkit. Being able to master this handy in-browser tool will greatly enhance your coding workflow.

DevTools comes with a great deal of features, and to take advantage of them, it’s a good idea to invest some time learning the ins and outs of the tool in order to unlock its full potential and for you to start reaping the benefits.

Lucky for you, the Internet is host to a lot of free tutorials, guides, and resources on Chrome DevTools. And in today’s article, we’re going to share with you some useful free tutorials and resources that will give you a wealth of insights on this incredibly powerful development tool. They’re perfect for developers of all skill levels, whether you’re a novice or are already an intermediate user.


Google Chrome Developer Tools Getting Started

This video tutorial teaches you how to get started with Google Chrome’s developer tools.

Secrets of the Chrome Developer Tools

Chrome DevTools provides powerful ways to understand, debug, and profile web apps. Most developers are already familiar with its basic inspection and debugging tools, but some of its other useful features, like the timeline and memory analysis tools, are lesser known. This 40-minute video tutorial by Patrick Dubroy will provide an overview of some lesser known DevTools features, with in-depth demonstration.

Chrome DevTools Cheatsheet

This information-rich one-page resource is extremely handy to have around as a reference if you often work with Chrome DevTools.

DevTools Tips

This website has a collection of useful Chrome DevTools tutorials, tips, and tricks which are curated by full-stack web developer, Jeferson Koslowski.

Google Chrome Developer Tools Profiling and Optimizing

With this video tutorial, you’ll learn how to use Chrome DevTools to profile the execution time and memory usage of your web application.

Explore and Master Chrome DevTools

This website is a free web-based course at Code School, introducing you to Chrome DevTools. This tutorial/course contains 7 chapters and 17 videos.

Chrome DevTools for Non-Developers

Did you know that you can use Chrome as a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor for web page? You can also make it work as a Math calculator. How about performing date calculations in-browser? You can do that, and more, with Chrome! This video tutorial will walk you through a couple of examples where you can use DevTools.

Chrome DevTools Markup & Style

It’s important for web developers to understand and know how to use browser developer tools. In this tutorial, you’ll learn the basics of the Chrome DevTools. Here, you’ll learn the fundamentals, starting with marking up and styling a web page.

Chrome DevTools Overview

The Chrome DevTools efficiently track down layout issues, set JavaScript breakpoints, and get insights for optimizing code. For those who haven’t heard of it before, or for those who want to completely master the fundamentals, this official documentation at the Google Chrome Developer website is the best place to start.

Wait, Chrome DevTools Could Do THAT

Your browser is one of the best and most instrumented development platforms around, but you may not have realized it yet. In this 33-minute video tutorial by Ilya Grigorik, you’ll learn how to analyze network performance, rendering and layout pipeline, as well as detecting memory leaks in your JavaScript code, using audits and extensions to build better and faster apps.


10 Useful Google Chrome DevTools Tutorials.

Source: 10 Useful Google Chrome DevTools Tutorials