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9 Romantic Partners You’ll Probably Have In Your Life | Thought Catalog

1. The puppy love.

Your puppy love, or crush, is where those butterflies in the
stomach, sweaty palms, and embarrassing stutters originate
from. No. You’ve never even kissed, maybe held hands. If you’re
lucky to be acquainted with this one, you’re both likely to be
clueless about where to take this, except drown yourselves in
the sea of oxytocin. It’s also where you start developing
telepathy and mind reading skills.

2. The first love.

Your first love, or serious relationship, may give you the
prelude of how it’s like getting along with your partner’s
parents, siblings, and pet dog. Chances are Scruffy hates you
more than the family does. It shapes your early perspective on
love and relationships. Usually, out of the entire list, this
is the one you love (or loved) the most, doing stuff like,
baking heart-shaped cookies, writing saccharine-sweet cards,
and losing your mind for. It also includes your first

3. The second chance.

You’ve matured. You’ve learnt a great deal from the past.
You’re more independent and your finances are in place. Your
gestures of love are more epic this time, like lighting up the
entire garden with tea candles, fixing up a six-course dinner
for two, and giving them the keys to your apartment. But if
both your emotional and security needs aren’t quite in the same
spot, soon the spark fizzes off and you fall out of it. In this
case, if searching for that soul mate or the
is really important to you, you’ll rather have no one
than be with the wrong one.

4. The fling.

You’ve never intended for it to be a fling, but that’s what it
is: you’re both physically attracted to one another; there’s
chemistry brewing; your libido levels are escalating faster
than you can rip each other’s clothes off. After lust and
alcohol kicks in, it’s to your place or hers. But let’s be
honest: putting the amazing sex aside, you wouldn’t want to be
labelled as so-and-so’s one night stand, and neither do you
want to label somebody with it. Really. Because you’ll
eventually realize how living a life of dalliance can make one
look. Everyone wants to feel desired, flattered, and special to
someone — more than it is to be worthy of a one-nighter or

5. The casual date.

You want to try developing feelings with them and see where
that takes you. Much like a buffet spread, you aren’t sure
whether you want the lobster bisque or sushi maki crab roll,
hence, it’s wiser to open your options, and have a taste of
everything — the best of everything. But that’s a
fallacy we trick ourselves into. Buffets are fine, but with
people, if you know for a fact that it’s just casual, you know
at the back of your mind it probably isn’t going to go anywhere
further than that. Even if you’re comfortable with this
arrangement, you may find that your date may eventually switch
gears, causing the frivolity to come to an end.

6. The bully.

Abuse may also come in the form of mental or emotional. Yes.
That counts as abuse. In this relationship, you often find
yourself overpowered and suffocated. If you’re always
guilt-trapped, again, alarm bells. How you react to it reveals
a lot about you; how you manage someone who can’t handle
themselves and their temper. However, a partner’s fit of rage
doesn’t warrant you to get even with a counter left hook, or a
wrath of flying ceramic plates. No. Smashing of smartphones is
also unacceptable. Bottom-line, don’t get aggressive; get OUT
of it. Easier said than done, but still, a relationship
shouldn’t jeopardize your wellbeing and turn your life into a
UFC match or a throwing/ tossing contest of sorts. Scars may
remain, it may take a very long time to heal, but you don’t
have to live your life as though it were there, simply because
you don’t deserve to.

7. The missed connection.

You’re hopelessly attracted to them, like a moth to a flame,
except you don’t end up in bug ash. You can’t fathom how such
beautiful souls can even exist. They’re the ones you feel lost
in bliss with; seeing the world through their eyes; and roaming
free on the face of the earth in their footsteps. They might
not be as mesmerized by you as you are. These tend to be
short-lived, but nonetheless, important chapters in your life
because it allows you to experience the brevity of such beauty
and wonder what could possibly be. You’ll never forget these

8. The one that’s into you, but you’re not.

Pretty much self-explanatory.

9. The “right” one (or the one that makes things right).

Although you may not have same interests, you share similar
values, and the same zest for life. They’re the ones that catch
you when you fall, whom you hold on to when they’re weak. The
relationship may not be all sparklers and macaroons, but that’s
because love has blossomed into something more; the
intertwining of two souls leading to an intertwining of two
lives. Your proclamations of love for one another have manifest
into something more tangible; there is a fair share of bills,
responsibilities, and clearing out the trash to be handled. You
accept each other’s imperfections, and share each other’s
vulnerabilities, learning and growing along through life’s
lessons. The right one is an extension of you, and often the
one you marry, sharing the same dream of having the house with
white picket fence, two dogs, and a bunch of kids with, or
something along those lines. You get the picture. “tc_mark”> “”
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9 Romantic Partners You’ll Probably Have In Your Life | Thought Catalog.