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Some More Inspiration for Text Input Effects

A couple of more inspirational styles for text input effects including some new techniques and ideas. Some More Inspiration for Text Input Effects was written by Mary Lou and published on Codrops. via Codrops

Sketch 3 has launched, is it time to switch? | Webdesigner Depot

The latest, highly anticipated version of “” class=”external” rel= “nofollow”>Sketch by Bohemian Coding, has just been released. It’s an application that has promised much in the past, with many designers embracing it wholeheartedly. However, the previous two versions felt too immature for professional-grade work; the question

Creating Style Guides · An A List Apart Article

Several years ago, I was working on a large, complex application. It was a bit of a legacy project: many different designers and front-end developers had come and gone, each appending a new portion to the sprawling application. By the time I arrived, the CSS