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jelly fish tank

Jelly fish tank

Puppies and kittens for Christmas? How boring and uninspired.
This year, get your very own pet
jellyfish gliding languorously around a desktop-sized jellyfish
tank (a $366 value)!

About Jellyfish Art Tanks

Jellyfish Art produces fully-equipped jellyfish tanks and kits
that have received accolades ranging from Best Product of the
Year at the 2011 Global Pet Expo, to Top-Ten Product Campaign
on Kickstarter, to excited declarations from me about how much
better having jellyfish than having kids would be, and how if I
had kids I would definitely be interested in trading them for
some jellyfish.

The 1 Jelly Kit up for giveaway includes all of the basics to
get started rearing your jellyfish, including a 6-gallon
desktop tank and accessories, 30mL of jellyfish food, and one
small, cuddly, precious, cute-enough-to-be-a-Gerber moon
jellyfish. Acrylic tanks measure 17″ high x 15″ wide x 8″ long,
and arrive salt-water ready–once set up, just add water.

Instructions for tank setup can be found here. Tank
accessories include:

  • Feeding Pipette
  • Whisper Quiet Air Pump
  • Airline
  • Adjustable Airline Valve
  • Check Valve
  • Hydrometer
  • Substrate
  • Color-Changing LED and Remote Control
  • LED Power Supply

NOTE: When Jelly Kit orders are placed, the tanks and
accessories are shipped first for setup. Once tanks are up and
running, buyers notify Jellyfish Art, who will then overnight
the jellyfish and their food.

Dude’s Pet Jellyfish Tank Giveaway includes a single, live
small moon jellyfish. Additional small and large moon jellyfish
can be purchased through Jellyfish Art here, as can
jellyfish tank
, the cleaner snail and the red leg hermit crab.
Jellyfish Art recommends housing no more than 5 small or
3 large jellyfish in a single tank.