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Scrum Overhead Planning

Scrum-1How much time should a team devote and managers allocate to sprint overhead? That is, activities related to the scrum processes itself. Other than the time spent on development, producing deliverable, time must be spent on sprint planning, sprint review, sprint retrospective, backlog grooming, and daily scrums. The chart below summarizes:

Activity Participants Time/Month
Sprint Planning Full Scrum Team 4-8 hours
Sprint Review Full Scrum Team (+optional invitees) 4 hrs
Sprint Retrospective Full Scrum Team 3 hrs
Daily Scrum Dev Team (+ optionally the Scrum Master and Product Owner) 15 min/day=~4 hrs/month
Backlog grooming Scrum Team (+stakeholders) 2 days/month (Dev team commitment)
Total ~4.5 days/month