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CabinetM – Stacks Intro

What is a Marketing Stack?

A marketing stack is a visual representation of a technology suite being used to achieve a specific business objective. Long used by engineering teams, stacks are now being adopted by marketers to track and manage the technology being used to acquire, engage and retain customers.

In their simplest incarnation, marketing stacks can be used to support budget and strategy presentations and to communicate technology strategy across the organization.

A Framework to Manage
Digital Transformation

More than just a snapshot, CabinetM’s Marketing Stack Framework transforms the marketing stack into a
collaboration platform to enable marketing teams and their agencies to work together to define, implement and manage an enterprise-wide marketing technology strategy.

An innovative solution to the problems of technology oversight, visibility, and management,
the CabinetM marketing stack framework makes it easy to track the function, spend, performance and integration relationships of technology products in use throughout the enterprise and to map an achievable digital transformation strategy.


Source: CabinetM – Stacks Intro