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3 Ways Effective Communicators Structure Unforgettable Messages

3 Ways Effective Communicators Structure Unforgettable Messages Even the best ideas must be presented in a way the listener will understand and remember. May 19, 2017 Effective communicators rely on structure. You may be the smartest person in the room, but if you can’t communicate

SoDA – The Digital Society

Who SoDA Is SoDA is an extremely selective association of the world’s most preeminent companies with digital DNA. Our members (top digital agencies and elite production companies) come by invitation only and hail from 30+ countries across 6 continents.  Click here to view SoDA’s 2014

Best Digital Marketing Agencies in USA

USA Explore the best digital marketing agencies in USA! Award-winning digital agencies in the US, specialising in UI/UX design, branding, web design and development, digital product design, digital marketing, online advertising, content & social media marketing, mobile marketing and mobile app development services. Agency Of

Performance Management and KPIs – Management Skills

Performance Management and KPIs Linking Activities to Vision and Strategy [if IE 9]>< ![endif][if IE 9]>< ![endif] Managers talk a lot about employee performance. There’s constant pressure to achieve performance targets, to reach higher performance levels, and to ensure that people’s work supports and furthers

What Is Strategy? The Three Levels of Strategy

What Is Strategy? The Three Levels of Strategy Learn about the three levels of strategy, in this video. / vidright You’ve probably heard the term “business strategy” used in the workplace. But what is strategy, exactly? And are you aware that you need different types

How We Use Lean Stack for Innovation Accounting

I introduced Lean Stack in my last 2 posts – Part 1 and Part 2. This is a follow-up on how we are using Lean Stack today as our Innovation Accounting framework. What is Innovation Accounting? Innovation Accounting is a term Eric Ries described in