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Website Navigation Trends: 16 UI Patterns Totally Deconstructed

Website Navigation Trends: 16 UI Patterns Totally Deconstructed Every website needs to present quick orientation (where am I?) and clear navigation (where should I go?).In this piece, we’ll examine 16 web navigation UI patterns that stand the test of time: Searches Notifications Jump to Section

Animation in Design Systems ◆ 24 ways

Animation in Design Systems   Our modern front-end workflow has matured over time to include design systems and component libraries that help us stay organized, improve workflows, and simplify maintenance. These systems, when executed well, ensure proper documentation of the code available and enable our

Difference between MVC, MVP And MVVM

  Difference between MVC, MVP And MVVM MVC, MVP, and MVVM are some of the common patterns to guide programmers toward creating decoupled solutions. The software behaviors that are common to MVC, MVP, and MVVM are: 1)Data Layer / Business Logic (Model): This is the

How Do You Design Interaction? – Smashing Magazine

If you have to design an interface it’s almost obvious to think to begin the process by drawing. But is this the best way? I once casually started by writing an imagined human-computer conversation, and only afterwards I continued by drawing. This changed my way

Smart Transitions In User Experience Design – Smashing Magazine

Some websites outperform others, whether in their content, usability, design, features, etc. Details of interaction design and animation make a fundamental difference on modern websites. We’ll share some lessons drawn from various models and analyze why these simple patterns work so well. When we design

6 apps to supercharge your prototyping | Webdesigner Depot

6 apps to supercharge your prototyping newsignle-twrap Being a user centered designer means a significant portion of my responsibility involves prototyping concepts to gain feedback for various designs that solve actual business problems. That means iteratively sketching or wireframing ideas early and often in the