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SoDA – The Digital Society

Who SoDA Is

SoDA is an extremely selective association of the world’s most preeminent companies with digital DNA. Our members (top digital agencies and elite production companies) come by invitation only and hail from 30+ countries across 6 continents.  Click here to view SoDA’s 2014 Show Reel of work.

While our core membership is made up of C-Level executives, we also have a broad range of programs for the management and staff of member companies, including SoDA’s Peer Collaboration Group program that involves 700 discipline leads around the globe in 16 different areas.

SoDA leadership consists of eight directors and one alternate which are elected by the membership and an advisory board composed of industry leaders and specialists. The organization also maintains full time staff to execute against its mission. SoDA members are exclusively C or E level leaders in their agencies.

What’s in a Name?

SoDA originally stood for The Society of Digital Agencies. In 2012, the organization made the conscious decision to drop the “Society of Digital Agencies” descriptor in recognition of the fact that SoDA’s membership is comprised of an increasingly complex mix of top digital agencies, elite production companies and other innovative firms with niche digital expertise – all of which do not fit neatly under the “digital agency” umbrella.

Organizational Sponsors

SoDA is a non-profit industry organization. Its partners are like minded, progressive brands that have a mutually beneficial interest in supporting SoDA’s mission.

Adobe Systems has been a SoDA partner since the organization’s inception in 2008.

About SoDA – SoDA – The Digital Society.

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