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Business Analysis Guidebook/Facilitation and Elicitation Techniques – Wikibooks, open books for an open world

Facilitation and Elicitation Techniques Introduction Requirements elicitation and facilitation skills are the cornerstone of the business analysis practice. Having accurate requirements is critical to effectively manage application development, business improvements or responses to current (changing) business conditions. As described in Section X of the guidebook,

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Make Your Waterfall More Agile

March 30, 2015 | Author: PM Hut | Filed under: Agile Project Management Make Your Waterfall More Agile By Deepali Bhadade Lately there has been huge discussions around waterfall vs agile for software development and which is the best way. While the answer to this

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Two Real-Time Time Tracking Tools

Hate filling out time sheets and trying to figure out how much time you spent on which project and how much time was actually billable? If you don’t’ mind the “Big Brother” vibe, there are two apps that allow you to track your time by

Herding Cats: How to Deal With Complexity In Software Projects?

In a previous post on “” target=”_self”>How to Assure Your Project Will Fail, the notion that the current project management processes are obsolete and the phrase of dealing with complexity on projects  is a popular one in the software domain. By the way that notion is untested,

Scrum Overhead Planning

How much time should a team devote and managers allocate to sprint overhead? That is, activities related to the scrum processes itself. Other than the time spent on development, producing deliverable, time must be spent on sprint planning, sprint review, sprint retrospective, backlog grooming, and

Infographic: How PRINCE2 and Agile Reinforce Each Other

Infographic: How PRINCE2 and Agile Reinforce Each Other Figure 1: How PRINCE2 and Agile reinforce each other Fortes Solutions is an international organization with Dutch roots which develops ‘best practice’ software for organizations that want to improve their efficiency in projects, programs and portfolios. Infographic:

Sprint Retrospectives in Practice

Retrospectives, and why you need them A couple of months ago we looked at how to conduct a Sprint Review. We saw that a Review considers what work was done, and distinguished it from a Sprint Retrospective which reflects upon how work is being done. The

An Overview of Requirements Elicitation

What is Elicitation? A thorough discovery of business requirements is almost never readily available at an analyst’s fingertips—rarely can requirements be quickly looked up as one would gather information for a term paper or study for a test. Much of business or technical requirements is

Mobile Project Planning

Mobile Project Planning

Found on Mobile Testing Blog… (original link here) Mobile project should be well planned in advanced with SMART milestones, efficient choices of devices (lead/gold devices), right tools and Agile ALM (Application life-cycle management). In this short post i will advise the most important project milestones and

Using Agile/Scrum in a Digital Agency

Over the last year or so, our team embarked on moving from a typical Waterfall development approach to implementing a Scrum/Agile approach. While there are plenty of good blogs about making this transition from a development standpoint, I have not seen a lot of good